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Anuj Kumar

Hacker, designer and a startup guy.

New Delhi, India.

Hello! I am a hacker and designer based in New Delhi, India. Developing innovative and beautiful applications and turning them into successful startups is my passion. I love to meet and work together with people who are passionate about doing innovative projects in technology space.
I am currently working on a couple of interesting projects. First of them is a social application that I call "Social Hangout". It is based on a simple philosophy that "Real life happens offline". The purpose of this app is to help people find like minded friends and opportunities (places, events, etc.) to hang out offline and have a real social life. It is being developed in php/codeignitor.

Another one is a python/django web app "Hacker ideas" that lets you easily share your ideas with other hackers, designer, promoters and investors. It provides tools to validate ideas using discussions and public voting system. You can find other hackers/designers interested in your idea and collaborate to start a project.

To know more about projects I have been doing lately, visit my project page.

Technical Expertise


Javascript, Ajax, jQuery, jQuery UI, Google Closure, Prototype, backbone.js, Scriptaculous, node.js.

PHP, CodeIgnitor.

Python, Django, Google App Engine.

C, C++, Assembly(8086)


Java, Android SDK.

MySQl, MongoDB, SQLite, MS SQL Server.

Graphics Designing using InkScape and GIMP.